Azerbaijan sent thousands of servicemen and armored vehicles to Syunik

“There are already more than 1000 Azeris in the region of the lake, with armor equipment. They are doing earth-building works. So they will not withdraw. Now, tell all Armenian madmen that the Azeris are guilty, says former Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Hrant Bagratyan

There are already about two thousand Azerbaijani soldiers on the territory of Armenia.

Despite the emergence of information that Azerbaijan partially withdrew its troops from the territory of Armenia last weekend, according to the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia Hrant Bagratyan, in addition to the thousands of Azerbaijani soldiers already in the country, another thousand Azerbaijani servicemen were additionally deployed here but already with armored vehicles.

According to Hrant Bagratyan, at the moment the Azerbaijani military is arranging fortifications in this territory, obviously realizing that in the near future the Armenian forces may try to launch an offensive in order to gain control over the country’s border.

It should be noted that Azerbaijan Army has not yet confirmed the deployment officially, however, given the tactics of the Azerbaijan Army, the information on this matter can be confirmed by the photograph.

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