STADT AS and SH-Defense to Integrate Electric Propulsion Technology into Marine Propulsion

STADT AS and SH-Defense have signed a cooperation agreement and integrated their technologies to increase modularization of power generation and electric propulsion technologies.

With its patented and innovative propulsion technology, STADT meet environmental requirements, and can supply Zero-emission electric propulsion to Commercial and Naval vessels now.

To make sure that existing and new low and zero emission power-sources like battery, fuel-cells and alternative fuels can be installed, upgraded or exchanged, STADT clearly see that requirements for modularization will be a vital design-criteria for future ships.

STADT Lean Propulsion

STADT Lean Propulsion is efficient, reliant, noise-free and is designed for the lifetime of the vessel, and it can be and interfaced with future and new power-sources of any kind.

SH Defense is the inventor and manufacturer of The Cube frame system. The Cube is a future-proof, flexible and cost-efficient solution that enables a quick and modular-based reconfiguration of vessels for many purposes by loading and unloading The Cube modules. The system is originally developed for naval vessels but will also be available for Commercial vessels. STADT will integrate its modular energy and electric propulsion system with The Cube -system and be Cube Certified.

SH Defense and STADT are jointly engaged in a EU project to take part in design of future Naval-ships for EU-countries.

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