Norway Boosts Ukraine Aid by $633 Million

Norway has significantly increased its military aid to Ukraine by allocating an additional $600 million for air defense and humanitarian support in 2024.

This brings Norway’s total direct aid to Ukraine in 2024 to nearly $2 billion. The funds will primarily be directed towards air defense assets, with $541 million allocated for this purpose and another $90 million for other support.

This decision was announced by Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, who also mentioned the possibility of increasing the Nansen program, which has already committed almost $7 billion to Ukraine.

The move has been welcomed by Ukrainian officials and citizens alike, with President Zelenskyy expressing gratitude for the support.

Additionally, Latvia has announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, which includes air defense systems. The weapon could include an anti-air missile launcher, like one for firing vintage Soviet-design Strela missiles or Stinger missiles common across NATO arsenals. The platform can also mount a heavy machine gun and armour plate, making it a rapidly deployable weapon for killing enemy soldiers and attacking other light vehicles.

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