Argentina Ditches MiG-35, Opt-in For JF-17 Block III

Martin-Baker Illustration highlighting Sino-Pak JF-17 ejection seat. source Martin-Baker.

Argentina has rejected Russia’s offer to buy MiG-35, instead Argentina intends to purchase 12 JF-17 Block III fighters from Pakistan according to a draft budget presented to the nations congress.

The Government of Argentina has officially included $664 Million in funding for the purchase of 12 PAC JF-17A Block III fighters from Pakistan in a draft budget for 2022 presented to its Parliament.

The two nations have had friendly relations for a while, Argentina has been part of the consensus in favor of the resolution put forward by Pakistan on the right to self-determination which is debated annually at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Pakistan has voted in favor of the UN Resolution stipulating that “the continued existence of colonialism is incompatible with the ideal of universal peace held by the United Nations”, which has relevance for the Falklands Islands issue. The chair of the Pakistan Senate has said of the relationship that “Pakistan and Argentina have very close cooperation in various fields and unanimity of views on international issues”.

KLJ-7A AESA to be fitted into JF-17 Block III.

In 2015, Argentina tried to acquire Swedish JAS 39 Gripen fighter jets. Later, it remained interested in South Korean FA-50 Fighting Eagle. In 2020, Britain blocked the sale of South Korean FA-50 fighter jets to Argentina.

The ejection seat in JF-17 jets built by British company Martin-Baker has also remained a point of contention in the sale of the aircraft to Argentina. Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) would have to seek an approval from British MoD to resell British military equipment to third-country.

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