Ukrainian PzH2000 artillery blows up Russia’s new electronic warfare system

The Ukrainian military said they destroyed Russia’s new Palantin electronic warfare (EW) system.

The Ukrainian military also has released aerial footage showing the newly adopted Palantin EW system being destroyed in Ukrainian strikes.

The footage was obtained from the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, also known as the 128th Separate Mountain Zakarpattia Brigade, claiming in a statement that the video show: “Russian newest EW complex “Palantin”, destroyed by high-precision artillery fire.”

The Palantin is primarily designed to detect and jam enemy radio communication and electronic intelligence systems in a 10 km wide swathe.

The Russian Army adopted the new Electronic Warfare system in 2019.

Palantin EW

The Russian Ministry of Defence (MoD) said on its website on 12 March 2019 that the system can be used to discretely target radio frequency objects, conduct bandwidth and specific frequency jamming, and detect opposing forms of EW.

Palantin can also be used to create a system-of-systems by combining various EW and electronic reconnaissance systems into a single co-ordinated network to enhance efficiency, the MoD explained.

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