Turkish army receives updated KORAL electronic attack system

Turkish defense giant Aselsan has delivered its upgraded electronic attack system, the ILGAR Combat Electronic Warfare System, to the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK), the head of Turkey’s top defense body shared Tuesday.

İsmail Demir, chairperson of the Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) said in a Twitter statement that the army recently received the updated ILGAR system.

Demir stated that the ILGAR system has been developed for electronic warfare and that with its “national software and hardware infrastructure,” it provides security forces a great tactical advantage.

The SSB also released a separate written statement sharing the news.

It noted that the ILGAR system was developed for electronic attacks on target communication systems communicating in different frequency bands.

ILGAR can be deployed to prevent and delay the communication of target bands or help provide friendly troops the tactical upper hand by transmitting false information.

With its high output power, advanced mission planning software, mobile usage concept, reactive mixing capability and increased mixing efficiency, ILGAR is expected to become an important force in electronic warfare.

Aselsan previously delivered similar types of electronic warfare systems to the army, including the MILKAR-4A2 high-frequency jamming system, SANCAK.

Open sources thus suggested that the upgraded MILKAR-3A3 V/UHF (Very / Ultra High Frequency) Jamming System developed for electronic attack operations against V/UHF frequency band communication systems were named ILGAR.

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