Ukraine’s artillery strikes destroyed Russia’s Buk-M1 air defense system

Ukrainian Special Operations Forces and an artillery unit successfully coordinated a missile strike against a Russian Buk-M1 air defense system, destroying it. The operation was carried out in response to the system preparing to launch missiles, marking a significant loss for the Russian military.

According to reports from the Ukrainian Special Operations Command, operators from the 3rd Separate Special Operations Regiment discovered the enemy’s BUK-M1 system during reconnaissance operations in a highly contested area. The system was detected just as it was preparing to launch missiles.

“Our operators swiftly relayed the coordinates of the enemy target to the missile artillery units of the Defense Forces. The BUK-M1 system did not have the chance to launch any missiles—it was promptly eliminated,” emphasized the special forces.

The BUK-M1, also known as the SA-11 Gadfly, is a mobile medium-range surface-to-air missile system developed by Russia. Designed to protect ground troops and vital installations from aerial threats, the BUK-M1 system is capable of engaging various airborne targets, including aircraft, cruise missiles, helicopters, and other aerial threats. Its adaptability ensures effective defense even against sophisticated electronic countermeasures.

This successful operation underscores the resilience and proficiency of Ukrainian Special Forces in countering advanced military threats and safeguarding the nation’s security amidst ongoing hostilities.

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