Russian IL-76 Military Aircraft Crashed Due To Engine Fire

At least 4 people have died after an Il-76 Candid military cargo plane crashed near an airport in Ryazan on Friday.

Russian media on Jun. 24, reported that the Russian Air Force Il-76 aircraft caught fire and had to make an emergency landing in a field near Russia’s western city of Ryazan.

During a flight from Belgorod to Orenburg, the plane landed at the Dyagilev airfield to refuel. After refueling, the plane took off at 3:05AM and caught fire on the engine about 1 minute later.

The military cargo plane had been carrying 9 people, at least four died and 5 injured after a plane crash-landed and burst into flames.

According to a source cited by the Russian state-run TASS news agency, the cause of the crash was an engine fire. Russia’s defense ministry gave no details of crew deaths.

The Ilyushin Il-76 (NATO reporting name: Candid) is a multi-purpose, fixed-wing, four-engine turbofan strategic airlifter designed by the Soviet Union’s Ilyushin design bureau. It was first planned as a commercial freighter in 1967, as a replacement for the Antonov An-12.

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