A luxurious mansion owned by Vladimir Putin in the Altai Republic mysteriously caught fire

A luxurious mansion owned by Vladimir Putin in the Ongudai district of the Altai Republic caught fire. Almost one of the buildings was completely burnt down, reports Vazhnye Istorii (Important Stories). Activists Amyr Aytashev and Aruna Arna published photos of the fire, and investigators from the Sirena publication analyzed the footage.

A building at Russian President Vladimir Putin’s residence in the Altai Republic caught fire, leading to its near-complete destruction. The incident has sparked various speculations and reactions on social media, with some suggesting the presence of a bunker capable of holding 100,000 people, while others humorously speculated it might be a small shed.

The activists’ photos’ facade color, building layout, greenery, terrain, and roof coincide with elements in previous photos of the residence. Journalists analyzing the images using special programs did not find any signs of manipulation. It is claimed that the photos were taken today. The duty unit of the Emergency Situations Ministry did not comment on the information about the fires in the Ongudai district. Putin’s residence in Altai is registered as the Gazprom sanatorium.

Photo Amyr Aytashev

The construction of this dacha, costing about 3 billion rubles, became known in 2009–2010. In 2011, as part of a joint investigation with Novaya Gazeta, “Avtorevyu” journalists tried to enter the sanatorium, but the security refused, citing the special status of the facility for the country’s top officials. The dacha is located at the confluence of the Ursul and Katun rivers. There is almost no snow there in winter, and temperatures above zero are observed from March.

Putin has repeatedly stayed at this “sanatorium” during unofficial visits to the Altai Mountains.

Photo by Sirena

Near the residence is a closed specialized farm where marals (large noble deer) are bred to extract blood from their antlers. In 2016, before a meeting of the State Council in Altai, 70 kg of pantos reportedly were prepared for Putin, as the media wrote—healing baths are taken in blood from the antlers, which are considered therapeutic (there is no scientific evidence of the healing properties of blood).

In 2022, investigators from the Project publication, citing people close to Putin, claimed that the then Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu introduced Putin to the love of blood baths in Altai. Allegedly, the head of Gazprom, Alexey Miller, also enjoys such procedures.

It is also believed that one of Putin’s bunkers is located at this Altai residence. Local residents saw Putin’s helicopter near the residence during the COVID pandemic.

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