Ukraine used autonomous FPV drone for the first time

Ukrainian activist and volunteer, Serhii Sternenko, has shared video footage showcasing the use of a new FPV drone equipped with autonomous targeting capabilities.

The drone reportedly demonstrated its ability to strike targets without direct operator commands, marking a new milestone in Ukrainian military tactics.

The footage, shared on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), captures the precise destruction of a Russian tank, achieved through a coordinated effort between the 60th and 63rd Mechanized Brigades. Sternenko emphasized the drone’s resilience, noting its successful attack despite encountering active jamming from enemy electronic warfare systems. In the final stage of the operation, the drone autonomously engaged and blew up the Russian tank.

Sternenko added that the ongoing refinement and scalability required for the widespread adoption of the technology. The development of autonomous targeting systems for drones has been a focus for both Ukrainian and Russian military efforts, with attempts made to integrate similar capabilities onto platforms like suicide drones. However, practical results have been elusive until now.

The introduction of autonomous targeting capabilities opens new possibilities for drone warfare, enabling the engagement of enemy targets over extended distances amidst active radio interference—a previously challenging feat.

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