Russia started to rebuild its military and mimic Chinese military after losing 415,000 troops

Russian army soldiers are seen here using Chinese military gear and body armor. A group of soldiers are being trained by Chinese military advisor. Photo Telegram.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, RT and Sputnik news started to spread propaganda that the Russian invasion was so smooth and surgical that other militaries would learn from Russia.

After two wars, Russia realized that its army, air force, and navy were poorly trained and ill-equipped compared to the Western military. Ukraine has almost wiped out the Russian air force and navy, not to mention that Ukraine does not have an operable navy and air force.

Now, Russia has started rebuilding its military by copying its students, the People’s Republic of China (PRC), and importing Chinese military gear and equipment.

A Chinese officer is working as an advisor to the Russian army.

Russia has been successful in rebuilding its military after suffering tremendous losses during its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, a US official has claimed.

In recent months, Chinese military advisors have been assisting Russia in retraining and redeploying troops in the Ukraine war.

Speaking during an event hosted by the Center for a New American Security, US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell stated that they have been monitoring Moscow over the last few months to assess if it has regained its strength.

He said invading forces have “almost completely reconstituted,” thanks to the significant surge in its defense spending since the war broke out in February 2022.

The support of its closest allies in China, North Korea, and Iran has also helped Russia endure economic and military setbacks in the last two years, Campbell stated.

“We’ve really seen the [People’s Republic of China] start to help to rebuild Russia’s defense industrial base, essentially backfilling the trade from European partners,” he remarked.

Last year, speculation surfaced about Beijing and Pyongyang considering arming its European ally in response to the shipment of Western weapons to Ukraine.

As of March 2024, Russia has likely suffered more than 415,000 casualties in Ukraine due to Kyiv’s heavy resistance, according to a UK Ministry of Defence intelligence report.

The average daily number of killed and wounded Russian soldiers currently stands at 983, the highest since the invasion began.

Additionally, Moscow has reportedly lost 7,619 of the nearly 8,000 tanks (T-62, T-72, T-80 and T-90) it initially deployed to Ukraine.

US intelligence officials previously claimed the invading forces might need a decade to recover fully, considering its enormous losses.

But Campbell’s latest assessment fuels speculation that Russia is recuperating faster than expected.

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