Ukraine’s Neptune cruise missile hits Russia’s Kommuna submarine rescue vessel

In a significant development, Ukrainian forces targeted the Russian Black Sea Fleet stationed in occupied Crimea with an R-360 ‘Neptune’ anti-ship missile, striking the Kommuna, a submarine salvage ship and the world’s oldest active duty naval vessel.

In Sukharna Bay in Sevastopol, the oldest vessel of the Russian Navy was allegedly hit, Crimean Telegram channels report.

The attack, which took place in Sevastopol, Crimea, resulted in a fire onboard the Kommuna, highlighting the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia. This event underscores the complex and volatile nature of the conflict in the region, with reports indicating casualties and injuries.

Some celebrated the Ukrainian strike as a response to the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in occupied Crimea.

“Kommuna” is a marine auxiliary vessel in the Black Sea Fleet, a submarine rescuer. It is the oldest ship in service in the Russian Navy – it was launched in 1915.

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