Russia purchased secondhand Chinese-made Guangzhou Fekon motorbikes and deployed motorbikes in Ukraine

Russian troops used a mobile strike team on motorcycles to attack Ukrainian positions. Soldiers have released a video that shows rapid assault groups mounted on motorcycles swiftly advancing toward Ukrainian positions following artillery bombardment of trenches.

Zengcheng Haorizi Motorcycle Co., Ltd was officially renamed to Guangzhou Fekon Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Mr. Zheng Bin served as Chairman. Mr. Zheng Hong served as General Manager. In 2005, most people were not familiar with the Fekon brand.

This manoeuvre highlighted Russia’s adaptation to the challenges posed by the constant threat from Ukrainian FPV drones. Previously, they used lightweight vehicles or buggies and even turbocharged versions of golf carts.

“This is a super relevant use of motorcycles. Like never before. For assault, it’s cooler than any vehicle,” stated Nikolay Dolgachyov, a journalist and propagandist correspondent for the “Russia-1” television channel.

Now, in the third year of full-scale Russian invasion, FPV drones have become ubiquitous on the battlefield. Many of these drones are capable of carrying several kilograms of explosives.

According to NATO sources cited by Foreign Policy, over two-thirds of Russian tanks destroyed by Ukrainian forces in recent months have been targeted with the assistance of FPV suicide drones.

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