Ukranian hackers altered Putin fanatic’s Aliexpress account and placed £20,000 worth sex toys order instead of drones

Russian war fanatic Mikhail Luchin tried to order drones to help Putin's army. Credit: East2West

A Russian war fanatic who spent £20,000 on drones for Vladimir Putin’s troops has received a batch of sex toys after his purchase was hacked.

The pro-Kremlin muscovite raised the funds with hopes to progress Russia’s failed invasion but his plans were thwarted by Ukrainian cyber forces.

According to Mikhail Luchin, who claims to be a “Z-volunteer”, the order for the military-grade devices was placed with Chinese online retail giant AliExpress.

However, instead of receiving a large consignment of drones – he received a bunch of “dildos” and “Strap-Ons”.

The Ukrainian Cyber Resistance Group claimed responsibility for the online hack.

The group told InformNapalm: “He collected money and spent it on the purchase of drones for the Russian army.

“So it was important to write it off for something else. 

“We decided to order him a bunch of sex toys.

“So instead of drones, Mikhail will now send to the invaders trucks of dildos, strap-ons and other things useful to every Russian that we ordered and paid for with his card on AliExpress.”

The twisted Putin-devotee said he failed to get a refund for the toys.

Via his social media, Mikhail said: “I will open a sex shop here [Russia], make 300 per cent profit and buy three times more drones.

“It would be good to have a Kalibr missile.”

In the face of Mikhail’s impotent plans, cyber warfare has played a major role in Ukraine’s efforts to hold on to its land.

Moreover, a British spy chief said the two countries were locked in the biggest cyber war the world has ever seen.

Since the beginning of Russia’s invasion, Putin’s army of hackers unleashed a barrage of “major cyber attacks” and a disinformation blitz to sow chaos and confusion in support of their bloodbath operation.

But the strikes “have largely failed” thanks to Ukraine’s heroic cyber defenders, Lindy Cameron, the boss of Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said.

Together with its allies, the western keyboard warriors saved lives, “in the face of sophisticated and sustained Russian cyber aggression”.

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