Luerssen Australia Launches Second Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Boat For RAN

NUSHIP Eyre on the Shiplift at Osborne Naval Shipyard. (Luerssen Australia)

Luerssen Australia launched the second Arafura class OPV, NUSHIP Eyre, on November 22nd at the Osborne Naval Shipyard.

The Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessel Program celebrated another milestone today, with the official launch of NUSHIP Eyre in Osborne, South Australia.

NUSHIP Eyre is the second in a fleet of 12 Arafura Class OPVs being designed and built by Luerssen  Australia for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), in collaboration with its many Australian partners. NUSHIP Eyre is the last one of its class being built in South Australia.

The ceremony was steeped in Navy tradition, including a blessing of the ship by its sponsor, the Hon.  Justice Natalie Charlesworth which involved smashing a bottle of water from the Eyre Peninsula onto  the bow.

Luerssen Australia CEO, Jens Nielsen, said the launch of the vessel is a testament to the hard work  and cooperation of everyone at Osborne Naval Shipyard:

    “We would not be launching this ship without the commitment and passion from our production  and shipbuilding teams, including the Naval Construction Branch and Navy, everyone has worked tirelessly to deliver a formidable vessel to the RAN. You can be proud of your efforts.” Mr Nielsen said.

Luerssen Australia brings almost 150 years of shipbuilding and sustainment knowledge and is  committed to growing local companies, creating local jobs and strengthening the sovereign  shipbuilding capability of this nation.

The first Arafura class OPV, NUSHIP Arafura, was launched in December 2021 and has yet to begin sea trials. Naval News understands that much of the delay is due to the designs inability to meet civil safety standards. Because the unmodified ship cannot embark a civilian crew for builder trials, Naval News understands, the Department of Defence will not formally accept the vessel and progress it into service. It is unclear if NUSHIP Eyre incorporates modifications to remedy this issue.

As a result of this and other delays the Arafura class was listed as a “Project of Concern” by Defence last month. This process will result in the creation of a “remediation plan” by Luerssen Australia in collaboration with the Commonwealth Government.

The Government is currently considering the findings of an independent analysis into the Navy’s Surface Fleet with it’s response to the review expected to be made public next year. While the document is classified, rumors abound about it recommending possible to cuts to both the Arafura and Hunter class programs.

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