The U.S. Air Force to procure 80 Boeing F-15X

The U.S. Air Force will go ahead and buy brand-new F-15X even as it purchases large numbers of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Updated with the latest technology, the F-15X can carry nearly two dozen air-to-air missiles and will likely work together with stealth jets to take on fleets of enemy fighters learnt GDC citing Bloomberg.

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An article at Bloomberg has revealed that the USAF will request eight F-15X fighters in its budget. The service plans to buy 80 fighters over five years. That’s enough to fit out a wing of 72 aircraft, divided into three squadrons of 24 planes each, with eight spares. That’s just the five-year projection, though, and the service may buy additional fighters beyond 2025.

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The F-15X will come in two versions, a single-seat F-15CX and a twin-seat F-15EX. The Boeing has also offered the F-15EX to the Indian Air Force for the requirements of MMRCA v2.0.

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