Armenia Turned Down Russian Offer to Buy More Weapons

Armenia refused to buy Russian weapons and electronic warfare systems because of their ineffectiveness in the war in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The Armenian authorities demonstratively refused to buy Russian-made weapons and electronic countermeasures to combat unmanned aerial vehicles, having concluded a corresponding agreement with Germany for the supply of Hensoldt AG (HENSOLDT) electronic warfare systems.

The reason for this was the fact that absolutely all electronic warfare systems in service with Armenia, including the Repellent system, were useless against enemy drones, and some of the drone guards were completely destroyed by the same drones.

At the moment, Hensoldt AG (HENSOLDT) is known to be the company Armenia ordered electronic warfare systems from, however, such a demonstrative unwillingness to acquire Russian weapons may indicate that Yerevan intends to switch from the use of Soviet and Russian weapons to the weapons of Western countries and Belarusian systems of electronic warfare “Groza”, which proved to be quite successful in the fight against Russian drones.

The catastrophic failure of the Armenian armament is due to both the lack of good training among the military personnel of this country, and the use of ineffective Russian weapons.

Armenia declined to acquire several Russian Krasukha EW, and completely disable any communication with drones within a radius of several hundred kilometres, as the Krasukha EW has already failed in Libya and Syria, said a spokesperson of Ministry of Defense Armenia.

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