Russian pilot crashed Su-25 fighter jet, killing himself

The Governor of the Belgorod region reported that a military plane belonging to the Russian Ministry of Defense had crashed in the Valuysky city district near the Ukrainian border.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has also confirmed that its Su-25, NATO code-name Frogfoot, attack jet crashed on Wednesday.

“Pilot has died,” the ministry said in a statement by Russian news agencies.

The Russian military said the aircraft went down due to a technical fault. The attack aircraft crashed while returning to the base airfield in the Belgorod region.

The Su-25 ground-attack aircraft is a very durable aeroplane – it is fairly armored — and easy to service – all service equipment can be stored in a container and transported by the aeroplane itself.

Frogfoot is armed with one twin barrel 30mm gun in the bottom of the fuselage with 250 rounds. Eight pylons under the wings can carry about 4,000 kg of air-to-ground weapons, including 57mm to 330mm rockets.

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