Ukrainian kamikaze drone destroyed Russia’s 48YA6-K1 Podlet-K1 fire control and target destination radar worth $150 million

Ukrainian Intelligence officers hit the Podlet radar in Belgorod, Russia. Ukrainian Air Defense Defence intelligence eliminated the 48YA6-К1 Podlet-K1 radar complex worth $150 million.

The armed forces of Ukraine’s press service of the intelligence agency reported on this.

Operators of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, in cooperation with the operators of the Special Operations Forces unit and the 1st Special Purpose Brigade named after Ivan Bohun, spotted the Russian 48Ya6-К1 Podlet surveillance radar.

The object was discovered in the border zone near the village of Krasnaya Polyana, Shebekino district, Belgorod region of the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian military used a strike drone to hit a Russian radar. Operators reported the installation was disabled and that Russians suffered losses.

The Russian military uses Podlet radar to monitor airspace and locate targets at low and extremely low altitudes. It operates in cooperation with S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

Russian radar station 48Y6-K1 Podlet.

Presumably, the damaged Russian Podlet provided a radar field to cover the ultra-low altitude surveillance in the border area to prevent Ukrainian aviation and long-range attack drones from flying over.

It was discovered near Krasnaya Polyana, about 20 kilometers from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

On April 1, 2022, it was in this area that two Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopters crossed the border at an ultra-low altitude, bypassing the Russian air defense system, and launched a missile attack on the oil depot in Belgorod. After that, both helicopters successfully returned to base.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian Defense Forces have destroyed, including today’s, three 48YA6-К1 Podlet radars, as well as one mobile power generator and command post.

Podlet Fire Control Radar

Tests of the Russian 48Ya6-K1 Podlet radar started in 2010. It is designed to provide targeting information for S-300, S-400, and similar air defense systems. The first deliveries of the system to the Russian air defense forces began in 2015.

The Podlet K1 multipurpose mobile 3D S-Band radar was created to detect low-size, low-speed, and low-altitude air targets at low altitudes. It is primarily used to detect cruise missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other aerial systems.

The system includes a radar antenna and mobile command post, as well as a mobile power generator. They are based on a separate KAMAZ wheel chassis.

According to the developers, Podlet K1 is allegedly able to detect air targets at a maximum distance of up to 200 kilometers at altitudes of up to 10 kilometers. At the same time, the number of targets tracked by the radar is at least 10.

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