IAR-Brasov, IAI To Produce Heron Tactical UAV

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has signed an agreement of cooperation with Romanian defense company IAR-Brasov on UAVs to offer advanced UAVs solutions, based on IAI’s Tactical Heron, in Romania.

Based on the agreement the UAV systems will be manufactured in Brasov, Romania. Furthermore, IAI will establish in Romania an academy to train the system operators and technicians for the UAV systems, IAI said in a statement recently.

This cooperation agreement builds upon both IAI’s and IAR-Brasov’s vast experience in designing, manufacturing, assembling, and testing in order to develop the most advanced UAV Tactical Heron. Following a transfer of knowledge, the design, production of components and their integration, assembly, and maintenance will all be completed in-house in Romania. From component construction and assembly, to staff training and upgrade and maintenance, Romanian engineers and experts will be leading the development of the UAV.

The Tactical Heron is a UAV designed for tactical battlefield missions, and mainly serves land forces. The UAV can carry out multiple missions with various payloads. It can reach a maximal flight altitude of 24,000 feet, a speed of 120 knots and a payload of 180 kilograms. This UAV can simultaneously carry several payloads, and is equipped with IAI’s finest sensors. The Tactical Heron meets the world’s accepted standards and regulations, and the requirements of NATO’s STANAG 4671.

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