Indian army’s T-90 tanks appear with cope cage defense on top of turret

Recent images circulated on social media showed Indian T-90S main battle tanks with large ‘Cope Cages’ on top.

These tanks with these rather unconventional structures were identified as part of the Western Command of the Indian Army, responsible for the border with Pakistan.

OSINT analysts referred to these attachments as “Cope Cages,” a sarcastic nickname for structures placed around tanks in the hope of providing protection against drones, missiles, or other anti-tank weapons.

The concept of “Cope Cage” armor involves attaching external frameworks, often resembling cages or grids, to the surface of tanks and other armored vehicles. These structures are designed to serve as an additional layer of defense, offering protection against various threats, including anti-tank guided missiles and, notably, drones.

The “Cope Cage” solution, while not conventional or factory-fitted armor, has demonstrated its effectiveness as a quick, improvised, and cost-efficient means of enhancing the protection of military assets. This approach exemplifies the adaptability and resourcefulness of military forces in responding to evolving threats in modern warfare.

Russian military forces have pioneered a unique solution to enhance the protection of their armored vehicles, which has colloquially been referred to as “Cope Cage.” This innovative approach to vehicle protection has now become an integral feature in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, primarily to counter the threat posed by drones.

Some of the Israeli Merkava tanks have been spotted near the border with the Gaza Strip, equipped with such armor ‘cages’ on top of their turrets.

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