Ukraine’s kamikaze drones destroyed Russia’s oil refinery in the Kaluga region in fifth successful attacks

Ukrainian kamikaze drones sparked a huge explosion at a major oil refinery in Russia – marring the first of three voting days in Vladimir Putin’s presidential election.

The strike in the Kaluga region marked the fifth successful attack on Russian oil refineries in the past four days. Footage shows a huge explosion as the oil refinery was hit by the first of three drones in the strike.

According to sources cited by ASTRA independent online media, the plant’s equipment was damaged.

Other sources reported the damage was “extensive”.

The attack came as Russian citizens began voting in a presidential election widely seen as rigged to put Putin to powewr for the nexrt six years.

But the succesful drone attack by Ukraine have marred the start to the sham elections. It comers as the fifth succesful strike on Russian oil refineries that could now lead to oil shortages across Russia.

In recent weeks, Ukraine has stepped up attacks on Russian oil facilities, vital for supporting Vladimir Putin’s illegal war against Ukraine.

Footage showed an inferno at a Lukoil refinery in Nizhny Novgorod region – 275 miles east of Moscow – after oil tanks exploded at the Kstovo facility.

Regional governor Gleb Nikitin said: “In the morning, the Kstovo industrial zone, a fuel and energy complex facility, was attacked by unmanned aerial vehicles”.

Ukrainian kamikaze drone DESTROYS Putin’s prized £51m warship in latest humiliation

Operations at the oil refinery – one of the largest in Russia – have been suspended following the strike.

Meanwhile, another oil plant was blasted in the Oryol region – sparking a huge blaze after a drone exploded at around 3am.

Other attacks struck the oil refinery in Ryazan, crucial to supplying Russian capital city Moscow.

As a result of the heavy damages in the oil refineries, Russia has been forced to temporarily suspend gasoline exports as a result – and prices are now rising sharply. The attacks come after a suspected Russian millitary drone facility was hit by a raging fire.

Reports said the site was last year given over to the production of drones for Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

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