Safran awarded the contract to deliver JIM Compact multifunction infrared binoculars to Australian Defense Force

Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia Pty Ltd has signed a contract with NIOA* for the supply of more than one hundred JIM Compact’s for the LAND 159 Tranche 1 – ADF sniper system – to equip the Australian Defense Force.

The Safran JIM Compact multispectral surveillance device, critical element of military operations and real-time tactical information, has been selected to improve sniper system surveillance, accuracy and performance in a wide range of environments.

Weighing less than two kilos including the battery, JIM Compact stands out by its compactness, robustness, autonomy and intuitive ergonomics designed for day and night contact operations. It includes cooled thermal detector for extended ranges, HD day channel, laser rangefinder, advanced image processing, and can output data and video to other sniper devices. Featuring the “Long Range Sniper” (TELD) function, JIM Compact significantly increases the probability of success, especially on moving targets. TELD limits the cognitive load of the user by performing parts of calculations and allows to engage a moving target very quickly.

Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia Chief Executive Officer, Patrice Provost said: “Safran Electronics & Defense Australasia is very pleased to supply JIM Compact binoculars to the Australian Defense Force. We are grateful for the confidence shown by NIOA for this selection after a competitive tender process and look forward to continuing to work closely with NIOA and the Australian Defense Force”.

Through this contract, Safran, a world-leading warfighter optronics equipment manufacturer, expends the footprint of the JIM Compact in Australia with more than 250 equipment’s, already delivered to Australian Joint Fires Observers (JFOs), Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs) and Special Forces, under the LAND 17 Phase 2 contract.

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