Russian saboteurs destroyed two An-148 aircraft and one Mi-28 helicopter near Moscow

According to reports from the Ukrainian military intelligence service GUR, two aircraft and a helicopter were destroyed by saboteurs at a military airfield near Moscow.

This incident occurred at Chkalovsky Air Base on Sept. 18, and it is currently being investigated by Russia’s Investigative Committee.

The authority informed about an incident at the closely guarded Chkalovsky airfield, where explosives were attached to the aircraft, as the German news website reported. The explosion occurred last Monday, as reported in their Telegram channel.

Unidentified saboteurs blew up two airplanes and a helicopter in the Moscow region on September 18. The sabotage reportedly took place at the Chkalovsky Air Base, where government planes, “doomsday” planes, and reconnaissance aircraft are based.

According to the report, unidentified individuals managed to plant explosives at the heavily guarded airfield, damaging an AN-148 and an IL-20 aircraft, both belonging to the 354th Special Purpose Aviation Regiment, as well as a Mi-28N helicopter. The latter had been actively engaged in countering Ukrainian drone attacks over Moscow Oblast.

All the damaged aircraft belong to the 354th Aviation Regiment in Chkalovsk, which was actively involved in drone combat around Moscow. Ukrainian intelligence has not yet officially confirmed the reported action, and Moscow has not yet officially confirmed the attack.

Ukrainian intelligence claims the damage sustained by the aircraft will hinder their speedy repairs. The helicopter sustained damage to its tail section, while another AN-148 located nearby suffered minor damage.

In response to this incident, Russian security forces are looking for saboteurs behind the attack, while local media were instructed to suppress reporting about the explosions.

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