Ukraine shot down Russia’s Mi-35M helicopter in Kharkiv

Ukrainian Soldiers have found the wreckage of a Russian attack helicopter white letter ‘Z’ daubed on them in the Kharkiv region.

Imagery of the damaged helicopter suggests they could be a Russian Mi-35M attack helicopter, with the serial number RF-13010 and bort number Yellow 17,  that was shot down in February.

Pictures and videos now circulating on social media show the helicopter with the letter ‘Z’ daubed is heavily damaged and turned on its side. The ‘Z’ is one of the symbols that can be seen painted on Russian military vehicles and aircraft taking part in the invasion of Ukraine.

Mi-35M downed in Kharkiv

Mi-35M is one of the combat helicopters in the Russian Air Force inventory. It is also operated by the armed forces of Venezuela, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Mali.

The aircraft integrates modern, high-precision weaponry for destroying ground-based armoured targets and providing air support for ground missions.

The military helicopter can be armed with up to eight 9М114 or 9M120 Ataka-V radio-guided anti-tank missiles, up to 80 ‘S-8’ 80mm unguided rockets and 20 ‘S-13’ type 122mm unguided aircraft rockets.

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