Ukrainian kamikaze drones destroy Russian army’s supply vehicles

In the absence of sophisticated weaponry, Ukrainian forces have tactically employed kamikaze drones to target and disrupt Russian military logistics.

The efficacy of these “low-cost” kamikaze drones has been showcased in their ability to partially isolate enemy forces in specific areas, including small cities.

Vladimir Fityo, Chief Public Relations Officer of the Ukrainian Ground Forces Command, stated that throughout the winter, efforts will be made to sever Russian supply routes, complicating their defense and offensive capabilities.

“Our main task is to ensure that everything happening now is in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and, conversely, inflicts damage on the Russian occupiers. Of course, we will try to disrupt their logistical routes, their supplies, so that they are hungry, cold, and have no desire to continue fighting,” Fityo said.

The versatile kamikaze drones possess the unique capability to engage moving targets while simultaneously conducting reconnaissance, further augmenting their tactical utility on the battlefield.

Addressing the persistent threat posed by Russian drones, Fityo stressed the importance of countering these unmanned aerial threats by targeting their operators as one of the effective strategies.

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