Russia has transferred the S-300 air defense system to Libya

Russian S-300 air defense systems have been spotted in the vicinity of the Libyan Sirte.

Russian S-300 “Favorite” were spotted in the vicinity of the Libyan city of Sirte, on the territory controlled by the Libyan National Army. Remarkable is the fact that these complexes have never been in service with this country before, and this gives the Libyan National Army a huge advantage over such opponents as the forces of the Government of National Accord and Turkey.

At the moment, there is no complete certainty when the S-300 complex will be activated, since it was only possible to confirm the ownership of the radar, however, given the fact that Russian military aircraft regularly fly to Libya, landing at airbases controlled by the Libyan National Army, Russian military specialists inclined to believe that S-300 ADS is controlled by the Russian military as LNA has no training or manpower to operate the S-300 ADS.

Among Haftar’s friends, there are practically no people who could transfer S-300 complexes to the LNA. With a high probability, it can be assumed that we are talking about Russian air defense systems, quite likely transferred from the territory of Syria, which at the moment does not use these systems to repel attacks, –the analyst notes.

The Libyan National Army does not comment on the information that has appeared, previously Russia did not use the S-300 system in Syria although S-300 has been deployed in Syria for very long time.

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