Lockheed Martin Delivers Mid-range Capability System To U.S. Army

Ceremony of the completion and signing over of the DD250 in High Bay in Baltimore on Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

Lockheed Martin has delivered the first of four Typhon weapon system prototypes to the US Army.

Called the Mid-Range Capability (MRC), the system is one of the army’s top modernization priorities for new long-range precision fire capabilities.

According to the defense firm, the MRC consists of launchers, missiles, and a battery operations center to address surface threats.

It can fire Standard Missile-6 or Tomahawk missiles between 500 and 1,800 kilometers (310 to 1,118 miles).

“The MRC rapidly progressed from a blank piece of paper in July 2020, to the soldiers’ hands in just over two years,” Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office director Robert Rasch said.

“The RCCTO team, as well as our joint service and industry partners, delivered this hardware so soldiers can begin training as quickly as possible.”

If everything goes as planned, the MRC could be fielded by soldiers late next year.

Lockheed Martin explained that its investment in modern engineering processes and digital transformation enabled it to “quickly meet” the US Army’s need for long-range capabilities.

Its continuing collaboration with the service also allowed a deeper understanding of the army’s most critical mission needs.

“That partnership enabled us to leverage technologies across our ships, launchers, and combat systems programs to design, develop, integrate, and quickly deliver a solution to meet the Army’s mission requirements,” company vice president Joe DePietro stressed.

“We created new capabilities through integration of existing and evolving technology to ensure our warfighters are ahead of ready.”

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