US Marine Corps forms first unit with ground-launched Tomahawk cruise missiles

The vehicle in question is the ROGUE-Fire, better known as NMESIS (pictured above). The special feature of the vehicle is that we are dealing with a drone. The same platform is used for Naval Strike Missile (NSM) launches.

Combining the ROGUE-Fire with the Tomahawk has several complications. The main one is the size of Raytheon’s cruise missile. The overall length of the Tomahawk, including the booster, is 7 metres. That said, the vehicle has stability issues even with NSM missiles that are 4 meters long.

How the Marine Corps will resolve this issue is not yet known. But from all indications, work in this direction is already underway. At least last year, the service announced at least one test firing of the Tomahawk from an unmanned mobile launcher.

In conclusion we would like to add that the Marine Corps is not the only one who intends to “master” the ground-based Tomahawk. However, the US Army has decided not to make problems for itself. Lockheed Martin has developed the Typhon launcher as part of its Mid-Range Capability (MRC) program. It is based on the Mk 41 VLS and can use SM-6 missiles along with the Tomahawk.

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