Syria wants to replace Russian MLRS with Belarusian MLRS

Syria is interested in buying the latest Belarusian MLRS instead of Russian learned GDC quoting Russian newspaper Avia.Pro.

Syrian military experts are actively discussing the possibility of acquiring a large batch of Belarusian flute multiple launch rocket systems “Flute”, intending to replace the Russian Grad MLRS with them.

According to a number of sources, in comparison with Grad, Belarusian Flutes have a much larger defeat zone, are capable of simultaneously firing up to 80 rockets, are highly mobile and have a much lower cost.

Of particular interest to Syrian military experts is the fact that the Belarusian MLRS Flute use the widespread Soviet 80-mm unguided missiles C-8 series.

Belarusian MLRS can launch 80 missiles at a target in a minute, covering a huge area. To fight jihadists, this weapon is simply indispensable – compared to them, Grad seems like a joke.

However, the key disadvantage of these MLRSs is also important – their short range, and therefore, Belarusian Flute-80 and Flute-122 can only effectively hit targets at ranges of about 3 kilometers, and 40 km respectively.

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