China is negotiating with Russia to buy 12 Su-57

A Su-57s engine malfunction during factory trials.

China is ready to purchase a batch of 12 Su-57 fighters from Russia reported Russian news agency

The Chinese authorities, despite criticism of the Russian Su-57 fighters, announced that they intend to purchase a “small batch” of these combat aircraft – according to SOHO newspaper, China is negotiating with Russia to buy 12 Su-57 fighters.

The purchase by China of Russian combat aircraft can become a very effective advertisement for Russian fighters, especially since in addition to the PRC, countries such as Egypt, Vietnam, Myanmar and Iran are looking to buy Su-57 fighter jets.

At the moment, there is no contract between Beijing and Moscow. However, the fact that China has renewed its interest in Russian Su-57 fighters indicates that the Chinese “counterparts” are significantly inferior to the Su-57.

At the same time, it was reported earlier that China is interested in buying Russian Su-57 fighters solely to gain access to the latest Russian technologies and may try to copy the Su-57 systems for their subsequent integration into their own fighters.

Considering that the export value of the Su-57 fighter is estimated at $150 million per aircarft, the amount of the contract between Russia and China may reach about $ 2 billion.

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