Ukraine to start fresh offensive during spring as the morale of the Russian army shuttered

In this photo provided by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office and posted on Facebook, Ukrainian soldiers take a selfie with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, centre, during his visit to Kherson, Ukraine, Monday, Nov. 14, 2022. Ukraine's retaking of Kherson was a significant setback for the Kremlin and it came some six weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed the Kherson region and three other provinces in southern and eastern Ukraine — in breach of international law — and declared them Russian territory. (Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP)

Ukraine stands ready to launch a major offensive against Russia’s armed forces in the New Year if NATO and the US supply enough supplies to Kyiv in time, Lord Dannatt believes. Winter is due to freeze the frontlines in Ukraine with both sides expected to use the pause to prepare for large offensives in Spring.

Lord Dannatt told Sky News: ” We have to think through very carefully how much more military equipment we’re going to give to Ukraine.

“Because we know that the Russians have mobilized some 300,000 additional soldiers and they will b be giving them some training probably in preparation for an offensive in the spring.

“But here’s the big question is the West and the United States, in particular, going to go on supplying sophisticated weapons and equipment and ammunition to Ukraine so that they can mount a major offensive in the spring?

“There is a view which I have some sympathy with, that if the Ukrainians are able to mount a really bold counter-offensive in the spring, it may be sufficiently effective that it could destroy the Russian army’s morale and bring about a collapse in the Russian military. “

He continued: “That might be wishful thinking, but it’s a big issue for the West.

“Do they go on supplying Ukraine with all the weaponry, equipment, and ammunition that they need?

“To be able to mount a big counter-offensive in the spring?

“I certainly hope so.”

Meanwhile, retired US general Wesley Clark has warned the Ukrainian army to hold onto Bakhmut as the city comes under enormous pressure from Russian troops.

Vladimir Putin’s generals look to be launching an attempt to encircle the city which has been fought over continuously since the invasion of Ukraine back in February.

General Clark told CNN: “The way you operate in the military is you do have to focus your combat power. So they are focusing on this point.

“And if they take Bakhmut, it does open the door towards Kramatorsk and Sloviansk.

“But it also serves as a sort of killing ground for grinding up the Ukrainian forces, and this is what they want to do.

“If they can put unbearable pressure on these Ukrainian forces, before they can bring the other forces back from Kherson to bear.

“If they can cause the Ukrainians to blink to request a ceasefire, to ask for a breathing spell Putin wins.

“So he’s got a place where the Ukrainians do have to hold, they are dug in, they are holding, but they’re taking heavy losses. So it’s a meat grinder.”

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