UK sent special forces in Lebanon to support any rescue missions

The “Daily Mail,” a prominent British newspaper, reported on November 7, 2023, that the United Kingdom’s Special Forces Ranger Regiment is currently engaged in intensive training exercises in Lebanon. This development is part of a broader contingency plan to conduct rescue operations for British citizens held by Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip.

The Ranger Regiment, which was formed on December 1, 2021, is honing its skills to potentially execute a complex evacuation strategy. The details of their training are not publicly disclosed to maintain operational security, but it is understood that the exercises are in preparation for scenarios that require rapid extraction of non-combatants from hostile environments.

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General Sir Patrick Sanders, the Chief of the General Staff, has confirmed the strategic positioning of British troops, indicating a state of readiness for ‘non-combatant evacuation operations’ in certain areas of the Middle East. This acknowledgment by the British Army’s top officer highlights the proactive stance of the UK’s military forces in safeguarding its citizens abroad.

The British Ranger Regiment comprises four battalions, each consisting of specially selected and trained volunteers from across the British Army. These soldiers are put through a stringent selection process, which includes a two-week ‘Ranger Assessment Cadre’ and a ten-week ‘All Arms Ranger Course.’ The training is designed to equip them with the necessary skills to operate effectively under the challenging conditions they might face during such operations.

Trained for resilience, maturity, and emotional intelligence, the members of the British Army Ranger Regiment are prepared to undertake missions that go beyond the usual remit of conventional forces. They are capable of operating with a high degree of secrecy and are willing to accept increased risks.

As part of the British Army Special Operations Brigade (ASOB), the Ranger Regiment’s responsibilities are diverse and critical. They are involved in sub-threshold peer competition, countering violent extremist organizations (C-VEO), neutralizing asymmetric threats, and enabling symmetric maneuvers in times of conflict.

The establishment of the British Ranger Regiment is a significant addition to the British Army, marking it as only the third regiment to be formed since World War Two. With a specialization in operational partnering and special operations capability, the Ranger Regiment is a key player in the UK’s strategic defense operations, ready to respond to crises that affect British nationals across the globe.

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