No ration: Russian conscripts are seen poaching geese from the farm, and Ukrainian forces pound them with shells

Sitting ducks: Russian soldiers stand near geese they are shooting at in a residential area in Donetsk region, Ukraine© Provided by Daily Mail

A video has been released showing Russian troops poaching geese from a farm in Ukraine in preparation for a feast – before Kyiv’s forces shower their position with artillery fire.

Footage, captured in the Donetsk region, begins with one of three Russian soldiers shooting a goose, while another can be seen with a dead bird already at his feet. 

The soldiers are then seen returning to a building they appear to be occupying with the dead animals slung over their shoulders.

A military vehicle that was reportedly transporting a local Russian commander is then seen approaching the house via a nearby road.

Sitting ducks: Russian soldiers stand near geese they are shooting at in a residential area in Donetsk region, Ukraine© Provided by Daily Mail

As the Russians are inside, presumably anticipating a festive treat, the area’s buildings are shelled by Ukrainian artillery, being covered in a cloud of smoke as the footage ends.

‘The hunters became the prey: the border guards taught the occupiers who were “hunting” the goose,’ the State Border Service of Ukraine said in a statement.

The Russian soldiers enter a residential building in the Donetsk region with the dead birds over their shoulders© Provided by Daily Mail

‘In Donetsk region, in one of the occupied villages, with the help of a UAV, the border guards discovered the invaders who were “hunting” the poultry of civilians,’ the statement said.

The shells hit a residential area containing the Russian forces and their poached geese in Donetsk region, Ukraine© Provided by Daily Mail

‘The marauders shot and carried the goose to one of the houses where they had set up their command and observation post.

‘The border guards reported the coordinates of the enemy to their fellow artillerymen, who later fired at the object from Rapier guns and destroyed the invaders together with their unit commander, who also came for a treat.’

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24th February in what the Kremlin is still calling a ‘special military operation’. Today marks the 285th day of the war.

Russia has claimed that its casualties have been much lower but provides infrequent updates on its latest figures.

Avril Haines, the United States Director of National Intelligence, has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is now ‘better informed’ about the challenges his army is facing in Ukraine.

It had previously been assessed that Putin was being shielded by his inner circle from the worst news about his troops’ performance in Ukraine.

Haines said Putin was ‘becoming more informed of the challenges that the military faces.’

Haines also said there will likely be a ‘reduced tempo’ in fighting over the winter, adding: ‘Most of the fighting right now around Bakhmut and the Donetsk area has slowed down with the withdrawal of Russia from the western Kherson area to the east of the river. 

‘And we expect that’s likely to be what we see in the coming months.’

There is ongoing heavy fighting near the key town of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, where the Russian military has struggled for the last six months to make any substantial progress.

A commander with the 24th Mechanized Brigade of King Danylo of the Ukrainian Army keeps warm by a fire to stave off the bitter cold while waiting for coordinates to strike a Russian military target on December 3, 2022© Provided by Daily Mail

Ukrainian forces are also said to be making headway on the east bank of the Dnipro River after taking control of the city of Kherson.

Russia has also been intensifying its artillery attacks on the Kherson region since abandoning it and withdrawing to the east bank of the river.

There is reportedly a draft resolution circulating at the United Nations proposing a Nuremberg-style tribunal to hold Moscow to account for its crimes in Ukraine.

Rob Malley, the US special envoy on Iran, has said that the Islamic Republic has locked itself into a ‘vicious cycle’ regarding the ongoing protests gripping the country and over providing Russia with weapons.

He said: ‘The more Iran represses, the more there will be sanctions; the more there are sanctions, the more Iran feels isolated.’

Malley added: ‘The more isolated they feel, the more they turn to Russia; the more they turn to Russia, the more sanctions there will be, the more the climate deteriorates, the less likely there will be nuclear diplomacy.’

Some 500 localities in Ukraine remained without electricity on Sunday after weeks of Russian missile strikes targeting the country’s power grid, according to the Ukrainian Interior Ministry.

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