Ukraine Shot Down Russia’s Su-24 Fighter Jet In Kherson

Ukrainian forces shot down Russian Su-24 fighter jets. Photo by the Sun.

A Su-24 aircraft erupted into a fireball as Ukrainian heroes blasted the Russian aircraft into the sky.

INCREDIBLE footage captures the moment a Russian fighter jet appears to be shot down to the ground by a Ukrainian missile.

The aircraft, believed to be a Sukhoi Su-24 supersonic bomber, was shot down in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine, where much of Russia’s army is now concentrated in the latest stage of the conflict.

Russia’s aircraft blasted off the sky.

Footage posted online with the caption “Welcome to hell” shows the incredible moment the chopper was blown out of the sky.

It’s one of 344 helicopters and 184 jets lost by Russia overall – along with 80,000 of their soldiers, according to reports from the embattled nation.

Investigative journalism group Bellingcat geolocated the footage to Kozarovychi in the Kherson.

Separate clips show Ukrainians cheering and applauding as they appear to shoot down two Russian aircraft in the Kherson.

The clip from Kherson, in southern Ukraine, shows two pilots parachuting out. One died, while the other survived, it’s claimed.

The surviving soldier is seen wearing a blood-stained t-shirt with a bandage around his head.

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