Estonia receives Blue Spear anti-ship missile system from Israel

The Estonian Ministry of Defense (MoD) confirmed the arrival of the new Blue Spear anti-ship missile system manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI).

With a striking range of up to 290 kilometers, this system represents a significant advancement in Estonia’s defense capabilities, covering the entirety of the Baltic Sea.

The acquisition of the Blue Spear system is a crucial component of Estonia’s comprehensive coastal defense strategy. Designed to excel in contested environments and overcome sophisticated countermeasures, this fifth-generation missile system provides Estonia with enhanced defensive capabilities.

One of the notable features of the Blue Spear system is its ability to receive mid-course updates from real-time intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) feeds. This capability allows for dynamic re-tasking in flight, particularly in collaborative engagements and distributed sensor-and-shooter networks.

Manufactured as a Military Off-the-Shelf Solution (MOTS), the Blue Spear system offers expedited procurement, rapid deployment into operational service, and reduced risk, providing Estonia with a modern and efficient defense solution.

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