Ukraine Shot Down Russian Newest Su-35S Fighter Jet In Kherson

Ukrainian Air Force reportedly shot down a Russian Su-35 Flanker-S fighter jet over the occupied town of Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region. This is the third Su-35S downed by Ukrainian forces. A fourth Su-35S crashed in Russia during a vertical take-off.

“Around 8:00 p.m. on July 19, a Russian fighter jet was shot down by the Anti-Aircraft Missile Troops unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Nova Kakhovka area,” the Ukrainian Air Force said in a Twitter post Tuesday.

According to a tweet, the fighter tried to attack Ukrainian close air support jets. The pilot managed to eject and was rescued by Russian forces, according to local social media.

The Su-35 is the latest generation of the Soviet-era Su-27 fighter jet. It is a twin-engine, multirole air superiority fighter aircraft powered by two AL-117S turbofan engines and fitted with thrust vectoring nozzles allowing the aircraft to attain “super manoeuvrability”.

The jet carries a 30mm cannon, has 12 hardpoints and can detect targets at more than 268 kilometers, while its radar can track up to 12 targets simultaneously. The fighter has a range above 2,500 kilometers without refuelling.

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