Germany Delivers MARS Artillery Rocket And Dingo Armored Vehicles To Ukraine

Last week, Germany announced plans to transfer more weapons to Ukraine. A few days later, the German Defense Ministry reported the transfer of MARS II and Dingo ATF.

As promised, the Bundeswehr sent two MARS II multiple rocket launchers to Ukraine. This is a licensed European version of the American M270 MLRS with minor modifications. There is no information about the transfer of missiles. Earlier Germany had promised to transfer 200 high-precision GMLRS ammunition.

The MARS II / M270 MLRS use the same rockets as the M142 HIMARS. However, these MLRSs have two containers for a total of 12 projectiles instead of six. The disadvantage compared to the HIMRAS is the lower level of mobility due to the use of a tracked chassis instead of a wheeled one. The total number of MARSs II in Ukraine has already been increased to five, while the previous three systems, which were handed over in the summer, remain in service.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces also received a batch of Dingo ATF armored vehicles. Germany handed over 50 armored vehicles. They can accelerate up to 90 km/h, the engine power is 160 kW and the range is up to 1000 km.

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