Ukrainian troops blow up Russian T-90 tank with tiny FPV drone

Ukrainian soldiers have successfully blown up a Russian T-72 main battle tank behind enemy lines during an operation to evacuate another damaged armored vehicle from the battlefield.

This was reported by the Diana Podolyanchuk Charity Foundation, an organization led by a Ukrainian artist and activist.

“Our kamikaze drone hit the Russian T-72 tank. Beautiful!” Diana wrote about the mission.

The Russian tank, equipped with cope cage-like armor, was destroyed using an FPV (First-Person View) kamikaze drone, which was procured by the foundation and provided to the military.

FPV drones allow external operators to view the drone’s surroundings through specialized goggles. These drones have been upgraded with weaponry, turning them into kamikaze-style units capable of accurately engaging enemy targets at high speeds.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of kamikaze drones for Ukrainian forces are acquired and provided through the voluntary assistance of various foundations and organizations. Despite the government’s ambitious promise of millions of kamikaze drones in 2024, the primary supply of these essential frontline products still relies on the commitment of ordinary citizens and volunteers.

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