Hamas used Iranian-made kamikaze drones to target Israeli positions, and IDF started bombing Hamas Positions

Palestinian militant group Hamas has released a short video of an improvised attack drone, also known as a kamikaze drone, launched during a Saturday morning surprise attack on Israel.

The 22-second-long video posted on Sunday by the militant group to social media shows several launch sites of improvised kamikaze drones hiding in the resident building and storage facilities.

The Izzedine al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, claimed on Sunday that they launched more than 25 kamikaze drones, including Iranian-made Al-Zawari wing-type, that destroyed Israeli targets, including vehicles and equipment.

The effectiveness of the use of Hamas kamikaze drones packed full of explosives is not yet known.

Video obtained from social media appears to show such a drone flying over a street in the southern Israeli city of Sderot.

Kamikaze drones, or suicide drones, are a type of aerial weapon system. They are known as a “loitering munition” because they are capable of waiting in an area identified as a potential target and only strike once an enemy asset is identified.

The drone loiters above the operational arena, locates and tracks the enemy, ‘investigates’ possible targets to help select the high-value ones, chooses the right timing, direction, and angle of attack, and then performs a precise strike.

Israeli Air Force bombed Hamas positions

The Israel Defense Forces said Saturday evening that it has launched a new wave of massive air strikes on the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military says it is hitting targets belonging to the Hamas terror group in Gaza in response to an early morning surprise attack by Hamas.

In one of the buildings, the IAF struck the military offices of a number of units and arrays of the Hamas terrorist organization, including Hamas’s Intelligence headquarters, its weapons production offices and others belonging to senior Hamas terrorist organization leaders.

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) reported that its fighter jets struck military infrastructure in two multi-story buildings in the Gaza Strip used by senior Hamas terrorist operatives for carrying out terrorist activity.

The Israel Defense Forces said that “dozens” fighter jets have struck near the Gaza border fence in Beit Hanun.

According to an IDF statement, Israeli forces continued efforts to clear terrorists from a number of Israeli towns and bases on the second day of the war.

The Israeli Air Forse also confirmed that during the last hour, its fighter jets struck three military headquarters belonging to terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

“Military headquarters belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization used for directing terror were struck, as well as military headquarters belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization that were used during recent operations, and additional military headquarters belonging to the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization that were used by the terrorist organization’s rocket forces,” writing in a statement on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Furthermore, Israeli armed drones struck a number of terrorist squads in the area surrounding the Gaza Strip overnight.

“Three terrorists attempting to approach the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip were thwarted. In addition, seven terrorists were thwarted in Kibbutz Kfar Aza,” the Air Force said.

Also added that as part of the IAF’s ongoing operational activity, hundreds of terrorists who invaded Israel have been thwarted.

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