A Quadcopter Drone Crashed Into Russia’s S-400 Surface-to-air Missiles Manufacturing Facility

Fakel Machine-Building Design Bureau in Khimki, Moscow Oblast in Russia.

An unmanned aerial vehicle was scouting over the Russian Fakel plant. The drone went down on the factory premises.

The Fakel plant is located a couple of kilometres from Moscow, if we’re talking about the border of the city, not the centre of the capital. The company manufactures the S-400, S-300, Tor-M2 and Osa surface-to-air missile systems.

According to the plant’s security guard, the quadcopter was made by craftsmen hands. It was equipped with several cameras. Law enforcement authorities are already looking for the creator of the drone.

The security guard said that the drone has a size of about 30 cm x 30 cm. Due to its compact size, it can be argued that the quadcopter was launched from a nearby area.

The Fakel plant develops missiles for air defense and missile defense systems, Tor and S-400 air defense systems, and modernizes S-300 and Osa systems.

This is the latest in the series of incidents where mysterious drones have been reported deep inside Russia’s territory, which have grown more frequent in recent weeks.

A fallen drone with the inscription “Slava Ukraini” (“Glory to Ukraine”) was reportedly found near the village of Svitino in Moscow Oblast, which is 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the city of Moscow, on March 28.

A huge explosion rang across the Russian provincial town of Kireevsk in Russia’s Tula Oblast on March 26, rattling windows and setting off car alarms. Soon footage appeared on social media of a five-meter-wide crater at what was said to be the impact site of an unidentified drone.

The drone explosion in Kireevsk is likely the beginning of the implementation of plans to take the war deep into enemy territory expressed by Generals Valerii Zaluzhnyi and Mykhailo Zabrodskyi in September 2022, the head of the Center for Military and Legal Research, Oleksandr Musienko, told Radio NV after the incident.

A crashed drone without identification marks was also found in Russia’s Tula Oblast between the settlements of Petrovskoye and Malovel on March 19.

Earlier, Robert Brovdi, the commander of the Magyar Birds aerial reconnaissance unit, demonstrated how Ukrainian reconnaissance drones were literally mocking the air defense of the city of Donetsk, which has been occupied by Russia since 2014, by providing high-resolution footage from Shakhtar Donetsk’s football stadium “Donbas Arena.”

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