Hellenic Air Force to integrate Meteor BVRAAM into F-35 stealth jets

A highly significant meeting occurred at the Hellenic Air Force General Staff, where Greek officials and representatives from MBDA gathered to discuss the potential utilisation of the Meteor missile in Greece’s planned acquisition of F-35 aircraft from the United States.

More specifically, the Hellenic MoD said in a statement: “On Wednesday 14 June 2023, a meeting was held, at the General Staff of the Hellenic Air Force (HAFGS), between representatives of the company “MBDA UK Ltd”, Mr. Alex Michell (Senior Sales Manager) and Mr. Savio Babu (Technical Executive), and relevant staff of the HAFGS.

The purpose of the meeting was the presentation, on behalf of the company, of the Beyond Visual Range Air to Air Missile (BVRAAM) “Meteor” missile that the company manufactures for the F-35 aircraft,” the statement concludes. The prospect of Meteors being used by the Greek, British and Italian Air Force is real.

The Meteor missile is considered one of the most advanced air-to-air weapons in the Hellenic Air Force’s arsenal. Currently, it is undergoing certification for use on the F-35A and F-35B aircraft by the British and Italian Air Forces. This certification process is expected to be finished when the F-35 Block 4 is introduced into service.

To summarize, the Meteor is an active guidance, beyond visual horizon use (BVRAAM) missile with a range of over 200 km. It boasts an impressive no-escape zone, which is likely the largest among similar missiles.

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