Ukraine Destroyed Russia’s $45 Million Nebo-SVU Radar Advertised As Stealth Aircraft Detector

A video of the destroyed Russian Nebo-SVU radar was released on social media.

This is second Nebo-SVU radar destroyed since the radar was introduced with S-400 surface-to-air missile, the first Nebo-SVU radar was destroyed in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict by an Israeli kamikaze drone.

The released footage captured the radar antenna and command post module debris.

This is the first recorded destruction of a radar system of this type.

1L119 Nebo-SVU radar is the further development of the Nebo-SV system. It is designed for airspace control, detection, and identification of coordinates, as well as air target tracking, including strategic and tactical aircraft. Nebo-SVU recognizes classes of targets and can determine their state affiliation. It operates both as part of automated air defense control systems and independently.

It is a three-coordinate station developed from the 1L113 Nebo-SV two-coordinate mobile station. The detection range of fighter-type air targets with a flight altitude of 500 m is 60 km, 10 km – 270 km, 20 km – 360 km.

The radar has a short deployment time of up to 30 minutes and is served by 4 people. It is stated that it has high patency and can be deployed in unprepared positions.

Previously, the Ukrainian military destroyed two 2S9 Nona self-propelled mortars that belonged to the invaders.

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