Saab Unveils Deployable 5G Network at UMEX 2022

Saab has launched 5G communication system for military and crisis operations at the UMEX 2022 exhibition in the UAE (Feb. 21-23).

The ‘DeployNet’ was locally developed by Saab in the U.A.E. It provides scalable 5G/LTE wireless network offering high-capacity bandwidth for today’s missions that rely on a multitude of information sources, sensors and user interaction. The compact system can be deployed rapidly, enabling high-capacity bandwidth in geographically remote areas, or reinforcement of damaged or limited local networks.

Utilization of DeployNet delivers the capability for real-time video streaming in high resolution, push-to-talk functionality and data transfer. Scalable both in terms of user numbers and system range, DeployNet demonstrates advantages in mission scenarios such as base security, search and rescue, reconnaissance, mission training and crisis management. This solution includes handsets, a power source, administration tools and active telecom equipment that are compact and ruggedized for easy deployment.

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