Russia Supplied Verba MANPAD to Hezbollah Violating Arms Trade Treaty

In a video taken on November 13, 2016 during a Hezbollah military parade during the battle of Kotzier, the camera caught, among other things, a shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missile that was allegedly a “Verba” model – Verba (SA-29) made in Russia, which is considered a modern weapon system Who entered operational service in the Russian army six years ago.

The system is intended to replace the shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles of the previous model Igla-S that are in service with Russian Army.

The most important thing that distinguishes Verba from the Russian air defense systems of the previous generation is the multi-spectral optical head, in the self-direction of heat, thanks to which the missile can distinguish between the desired target and the passive thermal traps fighter, bomber, attack helicopters, transport Saar and transport.

The laser target can see the target on three frequency bands (spectrum), so it is able to discern the true purpose even when using what are known as spotlights laser dazzling head guiding himself by the horns Modern-term warheads allow the detection and destruction of targets radiating from weak thermal radiation, such as drones and wing-guided missiles, and they cannot withstand “much” even with the help of special devices installed on helicopters to reduce the exhaust gas temperature emitted from the engines.

Russian “Verba” systems with “9M336” missiles are capable of confronting the enemy in opposite ways, i.e. “face to face”, in which case the multi-spectral optical head in self-direction does not track what is powered by the aircraft engine, but tracks the heat from the wings . And the fuselage due to its resistance to air.
To date, most of the actual specifications of the modern missile system are still classified, while information that has already been published indicates that the new “Verba” missile is capable of hitting a target at a distance of 6.5 km, and at a height of up to about 4.5 km.

The difference between SA 18 and SA 29 is also in the height and range of the interception, so there is an aspiration to keep such a capability secret, probably in Hezbollah. One exception in southern Lebanon that they regret when they launched a failed SA-8) that seemingly constitutes a temptation to use the best modern weapons in Hezbollah’s arsenal.

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