Putin dodged Iranian mullahs with Yak-130 training aircraft, instead of hyped-up Su-35

Iran’s air force reportedly received an initial batch of Russian-made trainer aircraft. The Iranian Tasnim news agency on Saturday reported that the first two Yak-130 aircraft had arrived from Russia.

Pictures have emerged on social media of new Iranian Air Force trainers, with one parked in a hangar and the other taxiing on an airfield. Trainer aircraft will be based at 8th Tactical Air Force Base near Isfahan.

The Yak-130 is a training aircraft with the aerodynamic configuration and subsonic flight performance characteristics of modern jet fighters.

It can also be used as a reconnaissance and light attack jet. It has a maximum speed of 648 miles per hour and a combat radius of 345 miles.

The Yak-130, however, was said to be a training aircraft with limited combat capability. The production variant jet does not have any radar for air-to-air and air-to-ground target capability.

Iranian pro-government and government media say that the country is now operating the advanced Yak-130 training aircraft from Russia. The Yak-130 is designed to prepare Iranian pilots to fly Russian aircraft, such as 4th generation Su-30 fighter jets.

Iran has been seeking to acquire Russian aircraft for years to bolster its air force. Iran has canceled Su-35 deals with Russia, citing contract conditions are not suitable for Iran as it precludes Iran from acquiring technology from Russia to manufacture the jets in Iran.

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