Israeli F-16I Destroyed Russian-made S-200 SAM In Syria

On 3 September, the Israeli Air Force destroyed a battery of the Russian-made S-200 missile system, operating with the Syrian Arab Army, learned GDC citing the Times of Israel news.

The Israeli military reports that it had destroyed the S-200 anti-aircraft missile system, which fired an anti-aircraft guided missile at an Israeli fighter, which was destroyed by an IDF retaliatory strike.

The attack on the Syrian air defense system was carried out after Israeli broadcaster Channel 12 aired the news that the wreckage of the Syrian missile defense system fell in Tel Aviv. Syrian Army carried out several failed attempts to shoot down Israeli F-16 using S-200 surface-to-air missile.

The Israeli Air Force struck and destroyed a Syrian missile battery after it launched a missile that exploded near central Israel early Friday morning, according to Hebrew media reports Friday evening on Channel 12 and Army Radio.

Times of Israel sources claim that the Israeli Air Force destroyed precisely this air defense system, which launched the missile that fell on the territory of Israel yesterday. As reported, explosions were heard near Tel Aviv.

The Israeli air defense system “Iron Dome” is activated if the mathematical algorithm calculates the enemy missile’s trajectory. Assuming it will fall into a field or sea – the Iron Dome is not activated as it was yesterday.

Israel claims that the missile fired by the Syrian S-200 system was not a deliberate act of attack, but an attempt by the Syrians to intercept a missile launched by an Israeli combat aircraft. Because the interception was unsuccessful, the Syrian missile landed in the Mediterranean Sea. On the morning of September 3, Israeli citizens reported finding the remains of a Syrian missile.

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