Ukrainian kamikaze sea drones destroyed two new Vasily Bykov class patrol boats

Ukrainian forces struck two Russian patrol ships, Vasily Bykov, on the morning of Sept. 14, reported the military’s Strategic Communications Directorate.

The ships stationed in the southwestern part of the Black Sea sustained major damages and no longer operational, the directorate wrote without further details.

Vasily Bykov is a large patrol corvette of the Russian Navy, equipped with a naval gun, portable air defense systems, and heavy machine guns.

This was reported by the Strategic Communications Directorate of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Commander-in-Chief’s Office.

The statement says that the Defence Forces hit two Project 22160 patrol ships of the Vasily Bykov type, which were in the southwestern part of the Black Sea. The extent of the damage was not specified.

An attempt by a Ukrainian kamikaze drone to attack one of the Russian Federation’s Black Sea Fleet ships is shown in the video below. The video features a MAGURA V5 maritime drone. Its target was probably the patrol vessel Sergei Kotov.

The Russian Navy has four patrol vessels of the Vasily Bykov type. In addition to the “Sergey Kotov” with the borne number 164, they are the “Vasily Bykov”, “Dmitry Rogachev” and “Pavel Derzhavin”. Their onboard numbers are 161, 162,163 respectively.

According to open sources, the Vasily Bykov-type ships are armed with Kalibr-K modular missile systems. The system allows launching Kalibr cruise missiles or Kh-35 anti-ship missiles. Artillery guns of 76.2 mm and 14.5 mm calibres, as well as anti-aircraft guided missiles are provided for the ships’ defence.

On Sept. 13, Ukraine’s military intelligence told RBC-Ukraine that an overnight strike on a shipyard in Sevastopol in Crimea damaged a Russian landing craft, a kilo class submarine, and port infrastructure.

According to Ukraine’s Navy spokesperson, Dmytro Pletenchuk, Ukrainian forces have already put out of action five large Russian military landing crafts.

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