Three Russian-made Mi-35 shot down in Syria using Stinger MANPAD

Russian-made Mi-35 Attack Helicopter

On February 16, the Soho news publication reported that in Syria, in the last 72 hours, three military helicopter was shot down. We are talking about the Mi-35 rotorcraft, which was also reportedly destroyed by fire from the ground.

“Recently, the Turkish army suddenly entered the war and handed over a number of portable anti-aircraft Stinger missiles to Syrian terrorists. As a result of a 3-day battle, 3 portable anti-aircraft missile systems, 3 shots and 3 hits destroyed the Mi 35 helicopters, turning them into fireballs – at least 7 crew members died ”, – cites the publication.

Earlier, already reported two Mi-8 / Mi-17 helicopters shot down over Syria,

Only a day before the Syrian military helicopter was shot down, a Syrian Air Force Mi-35 helicopter crash landed in the vicinity of Aleppo, which was damaged but was not shot down says the Gulf News.

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