BAE Systems Offers Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) to Slovakia

BAE Systems has confirmed its bid submission, together with the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV), for the Combat Vehicle 90 (CV90) in response to the Ministry of Defense of the Slovak Republic’s acquisition of 152 new Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV) in multiple variants.

The offer will ensure the production and delivery of the CV90 in collaboration with local Slovak industry, on time and to budget.

The joint filing by FMV and BAE Systems confirms the Swedish states’ support for Slovakia, further strengthening governmental relations as the country looks to modernize its ground forces by 2030. The bid includes support with training, tactics, and future development and welcomes Slovakia as a member of the CV90 User Club.

In June 2021, the CV90 participated in dynamic and static demonstrations to Slovak VIPs, including defense minister Jaroslav Naď, and representatives from the Army at the Military Technical and Testing Institute of Záhorie, Republic of Slovakia. Three variants of the CV90 family – the CV90 MkIV, an Armored Personnel Carrier, and the Medium Tank CV90120 – showcased the diverse capabilities of the CV90 fleet.

Available in 15 variants, the CV90 is designed to provide optimum mobility and protection in any terrain or tactical environment. The latest version, the CV90 MkIV, combines improved battlefield speeds and handling with an upgraded Electronic Architecture to support future growth capabilities as the complex battlefield evolves.

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